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"It's amazing that a new guitar sounds this good, right off the bench..." more »

Dave Ristrim
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Simple, classic and clean lines sans ornamentation, but elegant and oozing character due to its Bourgeois-typical exceptional build quality and gorgeous materials (you don’t see Brazilian like this much anymore). more »

Ray Gargiulo
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“Bourgeois Guitars Aged Tone series guitars are in the shop! Our first is a Madagascar/Adirondack OM and it is woody, loud and open-sounding. Dana has delivered again!” more »

The Music Emporium
Product - Bourgeois Guitars

"The Roasted Wood process for the Bourgeois Guitar has resulted in one of the most innovative products I have seen in several years. Being able to perform this process in their shop will give Bourgeois Guitars a home court advantage and make them a front runner in their industry... more »

Alvin Deskins / Morgan Music
String Instrument - Fiddle

"Very balanced tone with great warmth. The AT Madagascar D has awesome vintage sound and feel that you'd have to wait years, or sell your house to get otherwise. Dana and his crew are onto something amazing!" more »

Noah Jeffries / Milk Drive
Guitar - Bass Guitar

"The first thing I noticed playing the Bourgeois rosewood Aged Dreadnought was the mature tone and balance - enough in itself to delight anyone looking for a great guitar, but beyond that initial satisfaction I found that when playing in the context... more »

Joe Herrmann / Critton Hollow String Band
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"The Aged Tone guitars combine Dana’s trademark mic-friendly balance and warmth with the explosive presence of an 80 year old flattop." more »

Artisan Guitars
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"There are very few body sizes that appeal to such a broad cross section of our customers as this JOM from Dana Bourgeois! When you're holding this instrument, it doesn't feel substantially larger than an Orchestra Model, yet it packs a punch not unlike a modern... more »

Luthier David Wren
Ron Block - String Instrument

"I love Bourgeois guitars because they give me an exceptionally clean,clear, beautiful sound when I need it (which happens to be quite often)." more »

Ron Block
Guitar - Acoustic Guitar

"(This guitar) has that real dry vintage sound, and you don’t have to wait 40 years to get it. I mean, I think with the years of experience that Dana has had, I think he just kinda knows what to go after when he is cutting the bracing for these guitars, and choosing the wood... more »

Ricky Skaggs
Pete Wernick - Hot Rize

"This guitar is incredibly loud, and it’s blessed with the right mixture of tone. I can hear it clearly in a loud jam session without feeling like I have to overplay and also enjoy a full and sustained tone when I want to play softly. It always seems to be to able to handle... more »

Bryan Sutton
Guitar - Acoustic Guitar

"Just got the best guitar I've ever played or owned, and maybe the best guitar I think I will ever get to play. I haven't purchased a guitar since the mid 1970s, and this was worth every dollar I paid for it. This guitar has the tone of an old martin but with more tonal range... more »

Scott Fore
Sean Watkins - Guitar

"What I love most about Bourgeois guitars is how fat the high notes are. They have the same deep rich substance that the mid range notes have. I also love how even they are tonally and volume-wise from the bottom to the top. Perfect for the studio as well as live." more »

Sean Watkins
Ray LaMontagne - Guitarist

"The first guitar he handed me was a Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe, figured mahogany, Adirondack Spruce, beautiful to behold. I had heard good things about Dana’s guitars, but had never played one myself. I sat on the bumper of (my friend) Rick’s car and... more »

Ray LaMontagne
String Instrument - Guitar

“It’s the most comfortable acoustic I have…This is all I need for just about anything I do. It records great. I’ve used it in the studio, used it on (arena) tours like this, I’ve done radio station visits, writing appointments. It just always sounds good. And, it stays in tune, you... more »

Michael Britt
Guitar - Acoustic Guitar

“My name is Thomas Albert. I spoke with you at the Artisan Guitar Shop in Franklin, TN approximately a year ago while I was searching for my new Bourgeois guitar. I chose your Very Vintage Mahogany Dreadnaught with Adirondack Spruce, hide glue... more »

Thomas Albert
Guitar - Guitarist

“I remember playing this one, I had to have it. I found the one. It has that driving kind of tone, great for the band (Danu). It has that real punchy mid-range, strong powerful mid-range. Also, I like the balance, compared to other dreadnoughts and your guitars... more »

Donal Clancy
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“OK, then. You ask: What's all this buzz about Aged Tone? We here at AMW are fairly simple folk. We like our potatoes mashed and our chicken fried. And we like our guitars old. We are highly skeptical of all those new-fangled gadgets, gizmos, and magic potions that... more »

Steve Miklas / Acoustic Music Works