Endorser Andrea Tarquini has been playing a Bourgeois guitar since 1997.

About his 1997 Bourgeois Vintage D, Andrea says:

” It’s nice that the guitar I am now playing (Custom OMS) is 16 years younger… 16 years is a long time in a guitarmaker’s life. But one thing I can say for sure, many construction ideas were strong and winning in 1997 already and Dana constantly pursued his ideas during all these years. History says that he’s right.”

In 2013 we built Andrea a new guitar to his specifications, the custom OMS 12 Fret slot-head in sunburst pictured above.

Andrea’s debut album is entitled “REDS! Canzoni di Stefano Rosso”. A 2013 finalist for Italy’s prestigious Tenco Prize, “REDS!” celebrates the songs of the songwriter Stefano Rosso. Andrea played guitar with Stefano until his passing in 2008.

In 2016 Andrea released DISCO ROTTO (Broken Record), his first album of songs written by him. Andrea played the new Custom OMS on the entire cd.

In 2016 DISCO ROTTO was ranked at Tenco Prize among the best 5 debuting songwriter albums of Italy. In 2017 Andrea participated at the Premio Bindi (Bindi Prize) where he won the Targa Quirici (Quirici Plate) for the best arrangement, receiving a special mention for his tune Fiore Rosso (Red Flower), the most important song of the album.

In 2017 Andrea Tarquini joined Alessio Ambrosi and became one of the organizers of a “guitar playing songwriter’s” kermesse at the Acoustic Guitar Village, the most prestigious show and market for acoustic guitars in Italy, which takes places every year at the end of September in the city of Cremona.

All Andrea Tarquini’s music can be found on Spotify, Deezer, Apple etc…

Regarding his songwriting on guitar Andrea says: “I always want my music to be acoustic and storytelling, it always comes from the acoustic guitar. In this complex process it’s critical to have instruments that can be played in anyway, whether it be flatpicking or fingerstyle, playing some challenging chord progressions or just lightly strumming. The rich and articulated sounding response that a Bourgeois Guitar can return to a musician is one of the most effective tools in creating new songs and in finding new ideas, that allow me to continue writing new songs. So every single moment with this instrument is stimulating and tremendously important… including that quiet, fascinating, silent moment in which notes fade away, leaving me amazed and surprised at how long the sustain of each string lasts on my guitar. They teach you that music needs rests and silences.”