Clancy’s disciplined solo guitar playing is a revelation…solo debut’s don’t come more well rounded than this. 4Stars” – Siobhan Long, The Irish Times

“Dónal Clancy has bravely taken up the mantle of his illustrious forbears, particularly of his father, Liam Clancy, and performs with the same emotion, intensity, care, subtle nuance and effortless mastery. He builds a warm, sympathetic rapport with his audience, explaining, just as Liam used to do, the story behind, the origin, and his own personal connection and affectionate link with each song he performs. He has an easy way with the audience like Liam had, a grace and charm in his introductions, wonderful diction and above all, the greatest praise for a singer in my belief, his feeling for the songs is nothing short of spine-tingling”. -Joe Power (Na Conneries Singing Club, Dungarvan)

Dónal Clancy has owned and played at various times a Slope D, JOMC, OM and a Vintage D. This year he fell in love with an Aged Tone 12 Fret DS.