Bourgeois Guitars Welcomes New Hong Kong Dealer: FUNGUITAR

Guitar - Fingerstyle guitar

(Dana and Long selecting wood during a recent visit to our shop in Lewiston, ME.)

Bourgeois Guitars is pleased to announce the addition of our newest international dealer, FUNGUITAR, in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Started in 2009, FUNGUITAR is a renowned guitar school founded by Long Fung Tam, a Hong Kong native and fingerstyle musician widely known for solo guitar arrangements and performances. The school is attended by over 300 students who are mentored by a team of accomplished professional teachers.


In celebration of their 10th anniversary, FUNGUITAR decided to branch out into the retail guitar business. Long’s objective is to offer students and local guitar enthusiasts a greater variety of high end fingerstyle guitars than what is presently available in Hong Kong. On a recent trip to the US where he was researching high end guitar brands, Long encountered and fell in love with Bourgeois Guitars. In his words, “Bourgeois guitars consistently stood out, exhibiting ideal balance and clarity for fingerstyle playing”. As a result of this experience, in December of 2018 FUNGUITAR became the first Direct Importer of Bourgeois Guitars in Hong Kong.

In March of 2019, Long was invited to the Bourgeois Guitars’ shop in Lewiston, Maine. During his week-long visit, he learned how Bourgeois guitars are created, maintained and repaired. Long also collected and produced an abundance of promotional videos, photographs and interviews with Dana and the crew at Bourgeois Guitars.

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While he was on site at Bourgeois, Long took advantage of a unique opportunity to select the wood for a number of initial orders, including a 12-Fret Slope D and a customized Soloist and for his own personal use.

Long envisions establishing a collection of directly imported, custom fingerstyle guitars that reflect the wide variety of models, tonewoods, and options available to fingerstyle players through the Bourgeois line. FUNGUITAR’S first major shipment of guitars is scheduled to arrive in August, and will be accompanied by a party hosted by Long and FUNGUITAR in celebration of the event. The festivities will be publicized on Be sure to keep an eye on FUNGUITAR’S Instagram and YouTube feeds as well.

FUNGUITAR is the Sole Authorized Dealer of Bourgeois Guitars in the Hong Kong Special Administrative District. We are pleased to welcome our new partners to the Bourgeois family of international dealerships, and look forward to collaborating with FUNGUITAR on the design and production of many exciting custom guitars.