How do I install the strap button that came with my guitar?

Note: If you do not have experience with an installation of this kind we highly recommend that you have your strap button installed by a qualified guitar technician. It is an easy and inexpensive modification, but is complicated by the bolt-on neck.

Guitar - Bolt-on neck
Strap Button on the heel of a Bourgeois Dreadnought.
Acoustic Guitar - Guitar
The best place for the strap button is on the heel, on the treble side, roughly halfway between the heel cap and where the neck meets the bottom of the fretboard.
Guitar - Headstock
Strap Button on the heel of a Bourgeois OM.

You have a large area in the middle of the heel where the strap button screw will not hit the screws holding on the neck.

You can see these two neck bolts through the sound hole with a mirror (and we suggest you look inside before performing this operation).

Measure 1/2 of the distance between the bottom of the fretboard (the edge that abuts the neck) and the edge of the heel cap. You can go off center by about 3/8th’s of an inch in either direction and you’ll be alright..

IMPORTANT: Be sure to drill a pilot hole with an appropriate sized drill bit.

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