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Now in a 12-fret option.

A Bourgeois innovation.

What happens when you put a 12 fret neck on a 14 fret body? The nut becomes easier to reach and the bridge finds itself located in widest section of the lower bout. The practical result? When the body is small to begin with, playability approaches effortlessness. And no matter how small the body, bottom end, quickness of response and “openness” all receive a boost whenever a top is driven from its most mechanically efficient location. Add an optional cutaway and you’ll never sacrifice access to the upper register.

Available MODELS

Instrument Details
Scale Length: 25”
Upper Bout Width: 10 7/8”
Waist: 9"
Lower Bout Width: 14 1/2”
Total Length: 38 5/8”
Depth at Neck: 3 1/4”