Jumbo OM


A Bourgeois Original.

You saw it here first.

More than thirty years ago, Dana was engaged by a major American manufacturer to design a guitar sized between the OM and Dreadnought. The result, later christened the Jumbo OM, was prototyped and widely displayed in the late 1980s though not produced for a few years, until the founding of Bourgeois Guitars.

The 25.5” scale JOM represents the largest body style in the 0/00/000-OM/JOM sequence. As long and wide as a Dreadnought and endowed with a slightly wider waist than its smaller cousins, the JOM is deeper than an OM yet shallower than a Dreadnought. As you can easily imagine, the JOM boasts a voice big enough to tackle just about any assignment, though without requiring the right arm reach of a full sized Dreadnought. Also available with optional cutaway and Large Soundhole.

Available MODELS