From: Gargiulo, Ray
Sent: Monday, December 22, 2014 2:20 PM
To: Ryan Fitzsimmons
Subject: Bourgeois Tony Rice Tribute Guitar

Hi Ryan,

The guitar looked great in the pictures and videos; in-hand, it is just a very beautiful instrument. Simple, classic and clean lines sans ornamentation, but elegant and oozing character due to its Bourgeois-typical exceptional build quality and gorgeous materials (you don’t see Brazilian like this much anymore).

After a while admiring the aesthetics, I tuned it up and strummed a few chords…What a GREAT sounding guitar, and it’s brand new! I spent the rest of the weekend playing it off and on, and then A/B’ing it against some of my other guitars (a lot of fun!)…it’s making me give serious consideration to thinning the herd.

I had the opportunity to show the guitar to my brother-in-law, a great player, who was stunned by it. I told him how the guitar came to me via the benefit auction for Tony Rice; the background makes for a great story to tell and I can only say that I’m thankful to have taken part in the auction and then benefit from owning such a fine instrument. Thank you. And certainly thanks to Dana and the builders of this wonderful instrument. It has exceeded my high expectations.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!