The bourgeois Guitar habitat

The tone, playability, and longevity of fine guitars depend on the environment in which they are stored. So the luthiers at Bourgeois Guitars have teamed up with the skilled craftsmen at American Music Furniture to produce a humidity-controlled display cabinet that provides the ideal climate for your guitar.

The wall-mounted Guitar Habitat® by American Music Furniture is a solid-wood Pennsylvania-crafted display case with a 1.5-quart easy-to-fill humidification system to provide adequate storage for your guitar throughout the seasons.

These two companies share a passion for preserving the fine craftsmanship of guitars, so, naturally, they’ve come together with a version of this Guitar Habitat® that is custom to show off your Bourgeois guitar. Solid American black walnut exterior, black backdrop, with a 21” tempered glass door offers up a bold presentation to display your guitar. Each Guitar Habitat® has the iconic Bourgeois logo inlaid into the lower panel with mother of pearl and backlit by LED lights controlled remotely. The interior LED lighting to the cabinet evenly illuminates the guitar within and is controlled by a touch-sensitive dimmer button on the cabinet’s underside. The guitar suspends weightlessly centered in each cabinet, cradled by one of our handcrafted Hyla® hangers, which swivels to adjust to hang any guitar.

American Music Furniture of Perkasie, Pennsylvania, are the leading manufacturer of humidity-controlled display cabinets for finely crafted wood instruments such as guitars, mandolins, violins, and more. In addition, they have an in-house designer that can work with clients on custom built-ins and modifications. Their small team of craftsmen always provide the highest quality cabinetry with attention to detail in every build.

All materials and finishes have been tested to ensure that nothing will ever interfere with the finish of your guitar.