Photo by Erick Anderson

“Wielding a Bourgeois flat-top, Kilby lays down clean, fast lines and outrageous solos that push the envelope of acoustic lead guitar. His clarity, power, and dexterity are matched by an ability to spin melodies that sound free, yet artfully composed.” “Guitar Player” Magazine

Although Cody plays a lot of guitars, he has long been a Bourgeois enthusiast, owning and playing two different Brazilian Vintage D’s and a Slope D with a Sitka top.

Here’s what Ricky Skaggs has to say about Cody:”When I hired Cody, I knew that he had something special. I could hear it in his playing. Cody’s timing and choice of notes, make for some of the best guitar solos I’ve ever heard in bluegrass music. His great tone is also something that a lot of guitar players don’t have”.