In 2005 we built Dan Tyminski a Vintage D in Madagascar Rosewood and Red “Adirondack” Spruce. Listen for his Bourgeois on Dan’s great solo release “Carry Me across the Mountain”.

Here’s an excerpt from around that time from an interview with Dan in “Flatpicking Guitar” magazine:

“I recently got a Bourgeois and it is an amazing guitar from the workmanship to the tonal qualities. Dana Bourgeois is a talented, talented man. Ron (Block) has one of his guitars too and although mine is a Brazilian and his is mahogany, it is equally a killer guitar. They are two different animals entirely,but his works well for the slow, pretty sustain type things that he does. They are built for two different purposes.

With every guitar that I’ve seen Dana build I have been very impressed with the workmanship. If you really get down into the nooks and crannies, you cannot see a bead of glue or a space or crack anywhere. He spends a lot of time making them right.”

Thanks Dan!

Bourgeois Ad featuring Dan Tyminski & Ron Block of Union Station.