FJ Podcast: Dana talks Tony

Fairfield University - Meter

Interview by Jason Verlinde at the Fretboard Journal

From the Fretboard Journal Website:

“On this week’s podcast, we talk to luthier Dana Bourgeois about a truly special one-off guitar he recently built to benefit Tony Rice. This is Dana’s first (and likely last) attempt at an enlarged soundhole D-28-style guitar, just like the famous Martin belonging to Rice and, formerly, Clarence White. Dana’s creation is a truly special instrument, with a Bourgeois Aged Tone top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, a bound fretboard sans position markers and more. Dana will be holding a two week-long auction from his site starting December 1, 2014.

“For the last 30 years, I’ve gotten requests for large soundhole guitars,” Dana explains. “And I’ve always figured that’s something I don’t need to do.” But when the builder heard of Tony’s recent health and financial difficulties, he couldn’t help but try to help out. In this interview, Dana also describes the sage advice that Rice gave him decades ago, an offhand remark had a huge impact on Bourgeois’ career.

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